Aruze Gaming Cube X Video-23 23"

TouchMonitor Model:KTS230DN101

TMD Model:TOT2302EPC-V3

Standard displays

Our open frame monitors are optimized for different user environments 

We provide customized display solutions catering to varying display sizes, installation spaces, and other customer needs

Curved display

Customizing TFT-LCD Display for Gaming/Casino industry.

Provide flexible touch screen solutions for most popular slot machine brands in the market, covering common8-to 98-inch touch screens and display, include curve touchscreen and display.
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Some features
Proven Projected capacitive touch technology,multi-touch and independent single-touch do not nterfere with each other.
The touch point keeps stable when multi-touch occurs
The touch point jumps and drifts when multi-touch occurs
Panoramic LCD

High Color 

Gamut LCD Display


Brightness Display

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