Anti-explosion Series
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More than 90% of people nearby are using the tempered film for their phone.When asking them how the tempered film works, most people would reward me with a supercilious look.

More than 90% of people nearby are using the tempered film for their phone.

When asking them how the tempered film works, most people would reward me with a supercilious look.

In the subtle concept of everyone, “is it the tempered film for anti-explosion?"

So when the editor mentioned the words “anti-explosion ", most of the friends would directly think of "tempered film."


Firstly I’ll show you a picture.


The focus of this topic is beyond my imagination, then the editor firstly talk about his views: it’s ok without a film, of course, at least your iPhone will become like this -"



The phone carried on will suffer such a fate, so how the intelligent touch screen equipment working outdoors to suffer wind and rain, would stand still after all the sufferings?

The editor cannot help thinking of the hot Korean drama "Ghost".




This general with a myth of "immortal body", is ever successful and victorious in the battlefield,

As a result, when the armor is unloaded -


As mentioned in the anti-light series previously, if we want to create a good performance outdoor touch screen interactive machine, in addition to a solid body structure, the screen anti-interference ability, such as: high and low temperature, water vapor, vibration, light, grease dust accumulation and screen scratches rupture, is also very important.

In order to prevent the screen from being scratched and ruptured thus to affect its touch experience, manufacturers add a protective layer on the screen - tempered glass.



Tempered glass, as the name suggests, is the glass processed by the tempering processing.

This kind of glass is also called safety glass, with the characteristics as: high strength, thermal stability and safety.

★High strength

The impact strength of the same thickness of the tempered glass is 3 to 5 times of the ordinary glass, and the bending strength is 3 to 5 times that of the ordinary glass.



★Thermal stability

Compared to ordinary glass, the resistance to quenching and heat of tempered glass has increased by 3 to 5 times, generally to withstand about 250 degrees of temperature difference and have a significant effect to prevent the temperature difference.



Its bearing capacity increases, the probability of being broken is very low, even if broken, the fragments are rounded, which is not easy to cause scratches on the following screen.


An outdoor touch screen, when its screensaver tempered glass can reach Mohs hardness 7, could "stand still for various battles".


There’s also some doubts, since it is a touch and interactive product, when you add a layer of glass outside, whether it will affect its user experience, for example: the touch is not sensitive or the screen is not clear, easy to reflect.


First of all, I needs to clarify one point of view:
        among several mainstream touch technologies on the market currently, its working principle has decided that only infrared technology will be prominently reflected in the explosion-proof performance.



And those who understand the infrared technology know that, the sensitivity of infrared technology is not affected by surface media, and it does not have the drift phenomenon. Moreover, the infrared touch screen tempered glass applies the back to back paste form, conventionally equipped with 3-5mm tempered glass.
        According to their own needs, customers can also use other thickness of the tempered glass or anti-glare glass (AG), high permeability glass (AR) and smooth feel glass (AF).


Before talking about the characteristics of several kinds of glass above, let’s talk about whether you’ve troubled by the experience of the light?


When in the driving, the navigator screen reflects, so you need to decide whether to turn left or right?

Or, you go to see the exhibition with your ladybro at weekend, while you see such a picture



These are due to the glass surface caused by light reflection, because ordinary glass has a high reflectivity (low transmittance), so what we can do to reduce the reflection and keep users from encountering such problems during the experience?


>>AG glass

AG glass is also called anti-glare glass, it is made through a special chemical process, so that its surface becomes uneven, causing the light diffuse reflection – the fuzzy reflective effect fir anti-glare, thus to reduce light and shadow. (as shown as below)



It reduces the interference of ambient light, improves the display screen’s viewing angle and brightness and reduces the screen reflection, making the image clearer, the color more beautiful and more saturated, thereby significantly improving the display.


>>AR Glass

AR glass is also called anti-reflective glass, simply speaking, it’s the glass surface coated with a layer of optical coating, reducing the reflectance of light and thereby increasing the transmittance of light, so that the original color gets more vivid and more real through the glass.



>>AF glass

AF glass is also called anti-fingerprint glass, it is based on lotus leaf principle, the glass surface is coated with a layer of nano-chemical materials to minimized the glass surface tension, the contact area between the dust and glass surface is reduced by 90%, so that it has a strong hydrophobic, anti-oil, fingerprint ability, thus the video glass panel maintains a long-term bright and clean effect.





Today I mainly explains you the anti-explosion of touch interaction machine, and I believe that friends who have read the previous editorial articles would have certain understanding on "how to create the outdoor touch screen interactive product with a good performance".

So, see you next time, goodbye.