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Slot Tech Featured Product
TOT2152EPC-V2 Ultimate Touch Monitor For Gaming
LCD monitors are a mature technology. A quick look at a modern slot floor and you can see the 3D space filled with giant monitors,
often curved now with Scientific Games’ TwinStar J43 Video Slot Machine cabinet and its “J” curve monitor or Aristocrat’s Flame
cabinet with its 55-inch “S” curve display and the like.
But there’s still a lot to be said for “Normal” and that’s what the TOT2152EPC-V2 UltimateTouch Monitor For Gaming from
Shenzhen TMD Technology Co., Ltd is. With great specs, a responsive (less than 10 milliseconds), projected-capacitance
touchscreen that’s Plug 
and Play ready for action and a straightforward,modular design that makes it easy to service, the
TOT2152EPC-V2 is an obvious 
replacement choice for a reasonably-priced monitor that can be “dropped-in” when a flat, 
touchscreen monitor is required.
Naturally, the monitor features LED back lighting. The LED Driver PCB is one of the four, small printed-circuit boards
you’ll find 
under the back shield. The other boards are the A/D PCB (featuring both VGA and DVI inputs,a nice LVDS
connector and cable instead of a 
cheap ribbon cable connection to the LCD panel as well as through-hole, electrolytic capacitors
instead of SMD capacitors. This will 
make future PCB servicing easier, should capacitor replacement be necessary), the USB/
RS-232 interface PCB, and the touchscreen controller itself.
The unit features a 10 touch touchscreen. The touchscreen is built with Glass-Glass construction which uses a matrix of rows and
columns of Indium Tin-Oxide (ITO) printed on sheets of glass. Voltage is applied in a common computational scheme called “addressing.”
When a conductive object, such as a finger, comes into contact with a PCT panel, it distorts the local electrostatic field at that point. This is
measurable as a change in capacitance. If a finger bridges the gap between two of the“tracks,” the charge field is interrupted and
detected by the controller. This system is able to accurately track up to 10 simultaneous touches.
Product Specifications
Drop-in replacement for SG Fusion Hybrid, SG Fusion Auto Roulette, SG Fusion Virtual Multi-game and SG Table Master Fusion
·1920x1080 Resolution 16.7M Colors LCD
Panel With LED Backlight
·DVI + VGA Input Video Source
·DC-12V Input Voltage
·P-CAP 10 Points maximum Touchscreen With USB and RS232 Interface
·Touchscreen Supports Upgrade Firmware Via RS232 and USB Interface
·Certification CE, FCC, ROHS, etc.
Product Dimension 575mm x 336mm x 52.5mm
Net Weight 6kg
Package Dimension 670mm x 170mm x 440mm
Gross Weight 7.1kg
LCD Display
Number Of Pixels 1920 x 1080
Panel Size 21.5"
Active Area 476.0mm x 267.8mm
Pixels Pitch 0.24795mm
Display Colors 16.7M
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Contrast Ratio 1000:1
Brightness 250cd/cm2
Back-Light is LED lighting bar type
Touch Points 10 Points maximum
Touch Construction Glass-Glass
Viewing Angle Range H:170~178Deg.
Touch Technology P-CAP
Touch Sensor 52(X), 33(Y)
Touch Cover Glass T=1.8mm
Interface USB-B Female, RS232 DB9 Female
Luminous Transmission e”85%
Input Source Finger
Touch Accuracy 2mm(Central), 2.5mm(Edge)
Response Speed <10ms
Supports OS windows xp/7/8/10, Linux,
Android, macOS
Humidity Operating: 10%-80% RH,40°C
Manufacture ROHS, ISO9001:2008
Technical Service customize protocol for USB
and RS232 interface
Supports Upgrade Firmware Via RS232 And
USB Interface
Shenzhen TMD Technology Co., Ltd
Ziling He Sales Director
Mobile: +86-13787315277
TEL: 86755-28890517
Address: South Of 6/F, 2nd Building,
Hualangjia Industry
Park, Fukeng,
Guanlan, Longhua,
Shenzhen, P.R.China